50 Shades of Grey and the rise of BDSM Porn

50 Shades of Grey is one of the most popular movies or books of today’s time. This popularity can scarcely be attributed to many things, and with this popularity, the BDSM-themed book became a cult hit and eased the transitions of many people from a vanilla sex life, to  one full of the adventure and intrigue that BDSM brings with itself. Obviously this gave rise to fantasies, is the point of the book not to fantasize? Does the movie not make you want to imagine Christian is doing all those things to you instead? Because of this, the searches for BDSM porn increased multiple times through the span of just a few days.

Something that’s interesting to note is that 50 Shades, as the series is known in pop culture, didn’t only help women find their submissive selves and men find their dominant ones, it also opened up a whole new world of BDSM to people that may not exactly think in those easily defined norms, in particular,  bondage porn videos. This may seem as a surprise, however a lot of people enjoy both the dominant and the submissive role, and with 50 Shades coming out, more and more people have been coming to terms with their kinks. Femdom, or the female being dominant during sex, was a fairly frowned upon one for the longest time, because traditionally, the man is supposed to take charge during sex, however femdom subverts it, and makes it about the woman instead. Femdom also often comes together with humiliation, combining the degradation aspect which appeals to the men, with the empowerment aspect that appeals to the women who participate in this kind of sex.

BDSM porn has handled a great raise at the same time, this is because people will want porn of what they think about, and if vanilla videos simply don’t cut it anymore, then porn sites have to adapt, and adapt they did, almost overnight BDSM sections were stapled over almost all of the big porn makers’ websites, with the sex in them getting rougher and rougher. Gags, leashes, whips, bondage, the porn industry took advantage of the BDSM trend’s success, and appropriated its tools to a better use on screen. This has lead to, in addition to regular BDSM porn, several 50 shades of Grey parodies, for those readers and watches who think the source material simply wasn’t steamy enough for them.

50 Shades is a series that gets a lot of feedback, be it positive or negative, however regardless of our opinion on it, we can all agree that it has made a big impact on BDSM porn, and BDSM communities worldwide.