Love and lust are two major different things. You may love your partner with every fiber of your being, but you can still lust for another person. Staying faithful and loyal to a monogamous relationship proves to be very hard, even when love is the foundation of your relationship. Temptation is indeed everywhere, wherever you go. No matter how many sex positions you engage in, no matter how many sex toys you use in your bed, no matter how adventurous you and your partner are when it comes to sex, there will always be moments when sex becomes a routine and obligation to you both.

Spice in the relationship

You need to spice up your sexual relationship in order to bring your sexual desire to a whole new level. Having another woman in your relationship is the best way to enhance your relationship with your beloved partner. Though at first it may be hard to explain why you need to do this, but eventually your partner will understand the benefit of a threesome relationship once you point out the essential factors.


The amount of fun you will have when there is another woman in your relationship is quite extreme. When you are in a polygamous relationship, the jealousy will diminish, and you get to have access to new heights of sexual arousal and excitement.

Needs met

There are times when you have sexual needs that cannot be gratified by your partner, and vice versa. This problem can be solved by inviting another girl to your relationship. With three of you making the relationship work, you will absolutely have new ideas on how to satisfy each other.

Rules in the threesome

Of course, there needs to be rules when it comes to your threesome relationship. Your original partner needs to be your priority, and the other woman is your second. Talk to your partner about the rules of your relationship, the limits and off-limits to your relationship. Make your partner relax in the knowledge that though there is another woman in your relationship, your affections are completely for your partner.

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