Women have sexual drives that are often not met by their men partners. Unlike men, women have deep sexual urges that needs to be worked on patiently by men in order to bring to high level of orgasm. Masturbation is often the way for women to gain sexual gratification, and there are definitely sex toys that specifically designed for women for their exceptional self-inflicted orgasms.

Traditional Vibrator

Your sex toys drawer will never be complete without a traditional vibrator. It is the foundation of your collection, and the ultimate sex toy that will imitate the man’s penis, but it is a sex toy that you can control, and will never come before you did.

Wireless G-spot vibrator

Well, you g-spot is the most sensitive part of your vagina that brings you to your vital orgasm. The great thing is you can wear this item and can have pleasurable time anytime, anywhere, suing the wireless remote control that can be operated up to 49 feet from you, which means that you can even playfully ask a man to operate it for you.

Vacuuming sensation toy

Your clit is a very important factor that needs to be cultivated for you to reach your orgasm. Clitoral stimulation is made even more fun through the vacuuming sensation sex toy that uses enhanced vacuum technology instead vibrations to massage the clit, and it can be charged for easy handling.

Stick vibe

You can bring a vibrator anywhere you go. There is a small vibrator that looks like a lipstick, and you can use it whenever you have the urge to come. Even when you’re in a public place and you see a stimulating sight of a gorgeous male species, you can rush to the bathroom and stick up your lipstick vibrator to your passionate clit.

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